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LLF16E +

The efficiency of long-haul transportation is largely determined by the quality of the steering tires. And in this small review, we will focus on inexpensive, but very high-quality tires designed for the steering wheels of long-distance trucks. But before starting the review, let's determine what requirements are imposed on steering tires, and which of these tires can be considered good and which are not.

What should be the steering tires

  • They must provide exchange rate stability. In short, when good tires are used, you can steer the truck straight, it will keep going and will not be sidetracked.
  • They must be strong and durable. Taking into account the peculiarities of long-distance cargo transportation, the tires must be reliable so that there is no unplanned downtime in the transport operation, and so that you do not have to regularly update a set of expensive tires.
  • They must not impede rolling. A well-balanced tire does not impede rolling. This has a positive effect on both fuel consumption and tire life.
  • They should not be noisy. Many factors affect the comfort of a truck driver, but excess noise is the most tiring one. Cab noise is largely dependent on the tires. Well-balanced, low-tread tires are quieter and therefore quieter in the truck cab.

How well do LLF16E + tires meet these requirements? They match as much as possible, and this is entirely the merit of technology, tire design, and manufacturing materials.

About production technologies

Shandong Leao Tire Co., Ltd is China's largest manufacturer of a wide range of car tires. Even though most of the Leao Tire products are presented in the budget price segment, these are very high-quality tires. In particular, the LLF16E + is an all-season steering tire that will revolutionize the way you think about trucking. And we especially note that the many advantages of LLF16E + are primarily due to the use of advanced technologies.

We offer a shortlist of the technologies involved.

Application of thermosetting rubber for tread molding. In short, the problem with all all-season tires is that they harden in winter and soften in summer, both of which lead to poor performance. The LLF16E + tires use thermosetting rubber, which maintains its original density at any temperature, and therefore optimal performance.

Reinforcement of the working part of the tires with metal belts. This technology is not developed by Leao Tire, but solid all-metal belts are used in almost all truck tires manufactured by this company. The point of using such reinforcement is not so much in providing additional strength of tires, but in providing uniform pressure over the entire area of ​​the contact patch of the working surface of the tire and the road. Thanks to the uniform pressure, the tread is erased evenly over the entire tire. This means that thanks to this technology, the resource of the tire increases.

Self-cleaning tread. Even during long-haul transportation, small stones are regularly hammered into the tire tread. The problem of stones getting stuck in the tread is more serious than it might seem, as these stones destroy the tire over time. Leao truck tires use a self-cleaning technology that lets stones fly out of the tread on the go. As a result, the tire life is significantly increased.

Effective water drainage system. When driving on wet roads with standing water, there is a threat of aquaplaning, which is unsafe when driving at high speeds. Therefore, the tread of LLF16E + tires is designed to minimize this threat. To do this, deep grooves run along the central rib of the tire, which just serves to drain water and slush.

Maximum directional stability. Thanks to deep longitudinal grooves, the LLF16E + tires stay on course. That is, the car goes in a straight line, and the driver does not need to constantly steer to maintain this direction.

Application of a radial frame. The LLF16E + design combines state-of-the-art technology with classic time-tested technologies. For example, in the production of these tires, an innovative rubber compound was used in every sense, which provides grip with the tire on the road at any ambient temperature. And this tire uses a radial carcass - this is an old technology, but in comparison with the more modern bias carcass, it provides the tire with additional strength and several other equally important advantages. For example, the special direction of the fibers in the radial carcass creates a mesh that, in addition to high strength, is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity. Thus, the carcass in these tires, among other things, dissipates the temperature, preventing the entire structure from overheating. Effective dissipation temperature significantly extends the tire life.

How to get the best driving performance

Leao LLF16E + are steering tires, that is, they are installed on the steering wheels and provide the car with such qualities as efficient handling and stable directional stability. However, for steering tires to provide optimal driving characteristics for the truck, they must be used in conjunction with suitable driving tires. Many varieties of lead tires can work with the Leao LLF16E +. For example, you can use Leao D955 tires on the driving wheels. These tires will provide optimal acceleration dynamics and braking performance at the same time.

Durability of operation

What tires can be considered durable? Of course, those for which the manufacturer gives a good guarantee. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for Leao LLF16E + tires for up to 5 years or 75,000 miles of the run. Agree that only the manufacturer who is confident in the durability of its products can give such a guarantee.

Practicality of use

LLF16E + are practical tires, if only because they are durable and inexpensive. And it seems to us that this is already an obvious reason for buying them.

However, the practicality of using LLF16E + is not only the durability of use and an affordable price. The practicality of tires also lies in the fact that they can be used more economically on fuel. This is evidenced by the results of numerous tests carried out by the manufacturer. Average fuel economy at speeds up to 75 mph is about 15% of the amount of fuel consumed on conventional tires. This is a significant saving, due to which the cost of operating commercial vehicles is significantly reduced.

These tires are made with green technology

The topic of environmental friendliness is widely discussed and Leao Tire did not stand aside. The LLF16E + steering tires are built on a fully recyclable carcass. This greatly simplifies their disposal at the end of the resource. What's more, Leao LLF16E + tires are designed to last up to 80% or more tread wear. Longer tire life is beneficial for the environment, as fewer used tires end up in landfills. Finally, Leao LLF16E + production today meets the highest environmental safety standards. Therefore, if still relatively recently, Leao Tire products were manufactured only in China, today the company's factories are being built even in Europe.

Let's summarize

The Leao LLF16E + is a tire that is sure to suit the practical consumer. If you are looking for the optimal ratio of high quality and affordable price, these tires are what you need. We also recommend these tires to those people for whom it does not matter how popular the brand is.

We are sure that Leao LLF16E + will be appreciated not only by large companieslandfillso by private owners of long-distance trucks.

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