Leao F816e+

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  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Position
  • Highway Service
  • Long-Haul Service
  • Radial
  • Regional Service
  • SmartWay
  • Symmetrical
  • Tubeless

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F816E +

Did you know that car tires can, to a certain extent, affect the environmental situation in the world? In this review, we'll take a look at the eco-friendly tires for regional haulage. The Linglong F816E + tire is one of the few tires designed and manufactured in China to meet the standards of the American government organization SmartWay Transport Partnership. Read on to find out what this compliance means and why these tires are good.

SmartWay Transport Partnership at a glance

Against the background of the struggle for environmental cleanliness around the world, the SmartWay Transport Partnership was created in the USA in 2004. The direct initiator of the creation was a government agency - the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

The meaning of the new project is to reduce the negative impact on the environment in the process of cargo transportation. As part of the functioning of the projects, vehicle components and consumables are standardized. It also determines the effectiveness of logistics schemes for the delivery of goods over long distances, etc.

Thus, the previously mentioned organization, among other things, studied the ratio of tires used and fuel consumption. Based on this, the standards have been determined to which environmentally friendly tires meet. So, Linglong F816E + tires meet these standards. But buyers are not interested in ecology, and therefore it would be more correct to talk about what makes these tires more environmentally friendly.

The fact is that the Linglong F816E + is a perfectly balanced tire, which prevents rolling to a lesser extent than other tires. As a result, fuel consumption when using such tires is much lower than fuel consumption when using conventional tires.

So, you know about the main advantage of Linglong F816E +, let's talk about the rest of the features of this rubber.

Main features of Linglong F816E +

Price segment: budget

Tire type: all positions (universal)

Appointment: for medium-large-capacity commercial vehicles

Features of operation: regional cargo transportation

Seasonality: all-season / all-weather

Sealing method: tubeless

Tread type: symmetrical non-directional

Design features: radial tires, reinforced with metal belts

Tread height: 14.5mm

Design features

Like most of Linglong Tire's truck tires, the F816E + is equipped with a radial cage. This is one of the oldest types of frames, but it is this type that is characterized by the greatest strength. In addition, along the central rib of the part of the tire that is in direct contact with the road, the structure is reinforced with all-metal belts. The presence of metal belts ensures uniform pressing of the vice-rector to the road over the entire area of the contact patch. Thanks to this, the tread is not worn out locally, but evenly and, as a result, the tire lasts longer.

Features of operation

As already mentioned, the tires are designed for regional cargo transportation, which is why these tires are equally adapted to travel on highways and country roads. Even though the tires do not have too pronounced tread, they provide excellent grip on different road surfaces. Again, the lack of pronounced tread translates into less noise and better wheel balance.

The tires are all-season and, nevertheless, for their long-term operation, it is recommended to use them in the temperature range from + 25 ℃ to -10 ℃. By following this simple rule, you will ensure the longest possible tire life. Well, and, of course, from the figures given, it follows that these tires are preferable to use in regions with a temperate climate.

Numerous advantages make the Linglong F816E + an excellent choice for regional haulage.

Advantages of using Linglong F816E +

Excellent directional stability. In summer, winter, and the off-season, a car equipped with such tires runs perfectly in a straight line without the need for constant steering. Good directional stability is ensured by the design features of the vice-rector. Four deep longitudinal grooves, on one side, help maintain a given direction. On the other hand, these grooves effectively wick moisture away from the tire-to-road contact patch.

All-season operation. Like most of Linglong Tire's truck tires, the F816E + is a rubber designed for all-weather and all-season use. These tires can be used for transportation in hot and cold weather. And if winter tires wear off quickly in summer, and summer tires dull and crack in winter, then Linglong F816E + retain the same density of rubber from which the tread is molded. Therefore, no excessive wear is observed. Again, thanks to Protector, these tires exhibit excellent grip, no matter dry weather, rain, or snow.

Fuel economy. In an era of the permanent energy crisis, fuel economy seems to be a very important task. And I must say, Linglong F816E + tires help to reduce fuel consumption by about 15% of the original consumption of conventional tires.

Reduced noise. It is clear that when operating a truck, the noise level of the tires is not important. However, it is more comfortable on the road when there is less noise and vibration. Due to its effective tread pattern, the F816E + tires are significantly less noisy than most other all-season tires made in China.

Exceptional wear resistance. Thanks to the special rubber compound applied to the Linglong F816E + tread, these tires are highly resistant to abrasion. At the same time, these tires provide sufficient traction.

High resistance to mechanical shock deformations. Due to the structural features of the carcass, Linglong F816E + tires maintain their integrity under intense impact. For example, when hitting obstacles in the form of speed bumps, holes in the road surface, curbs, etc. This is an important advantage given that the tire is used for regional cargo transportation.

Zero no chance of unplanned depressurization. Linglong F816E + is a tubeless tire. The tubeless design has many advantages, but at the same time, the threat of leakage is higher than with conventional tires. The situation is completely different with the F816E + model because the bead rings of increased rigidity are used here.

Long-term manufacturer's warranty. To make it clear what we are talking about, we note that the Linglong Tire company provides a warranty for truck tires for a period of up to 5 years or 80 thousand km. mileage. This is the longest warranty period available from

Chinese car tire manufacturers.

Are there any disadvantages

The only drawback of the F816E + is that Linglong Tire is not represented in every country. No, of course, you can probably find these tires from third-party dealers. But you need to understand that in this case, the price will be higher than if these tires were purchased from an authorized dealer. However, you need to understand that Linglong Tire is constantly developing and expanding the area of its presence. Therefore, it will probably take a little more time, and everyone will be able to purchase Linglong F816E + tires from the official representative of the company. And it is in this case that you can count on all the previously listed advantages, including the affordable cost.

Let's summarize

In summary, the Linglong F816E + is a truly all-season tire that rides well on dry and wet roads. However, on loose snow, these tires also provide acceptable handling characteristics. In addition, it is a truly durable rubber that is sure to suit practical buyers. These tires represent the optimal combination of high quality and affordable prices, and therefore we recommend them to everyone.

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