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Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 Suv K117a

Premium Performance Passenger SUV/CUV tire.


* 4 wide main grooves
* Triple driveline tread block
* VIA siping system
* Aerodynamic sidewall design and optimized pitch lengths and lateral groove angles
* High grip silica compound
* Jointless full cover
* High density rayon and polyester carcass
* Wide steel belt layer
* Optimized triple tread radius system


* Speeds up water drainage and improves heat radiation at high speeds
* Provides traction performance throughout the tread life of the tire
* Offers an easy way to check tire alignment
* Minimizes noise and vibration
* Provides improved dry and wet traction along with lower rolling resistance for improved fuel economy
* Improved durability and braking performance
* Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability
* Improved steering stability and handling
* Ensures ideal performance during high speed driving conditions

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