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The Hankook TH22 truck tire, designed for trailers and semi-trailers used in interregional transport, has an especially long service life and extremely low rolling resistance. These features make the purchase of this model economically justified.

Low rolling resistance

As mentioned earlier, one of the distinguishing features of this model is extremely low rolling resistance, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency. This was achieved thanks to the use of several technical solutions at once.

First of all, it is a carcass, the cord of which was wound from a steel thread with an increased diameter. As a result, its profile remains unchanged even when driving at high speed, during which strong dynamic deformations occur.

The next factor providing this tire with a low rolling resistance is the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. It consists of five longitudinal ribs, three of which are completely devoid of any engaging edges. The two remaining longitudinal ribs have transverse sipes, which are located at a significant angle relative to the direction of travel, which also reduces rolling resistance without compromising other characteristics.

Long service life

In addition, this tire favorably distinguishes itself by a very long service life, which is also provided by several design features at once. First of all, it is the composition of the rubber compound, some components of which made it possible to significantly increase the tread resistance to abrasive wear, which, in turn, led to a significant increase in its service life.

Another factor that increased mileage, and at the same time prevented the tread strip from peeling off, was the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. As mentioned earlier, it consists of five longitudinal ribs, which are not only evenly distributed over its entire area but also have almost identical dimensions. This arrangement made it possible to achieve an optimal distribution of the external load over the entire contact area, which, in turn, led to a significant increase in the carrying capacity and resistance of the tire to uneven wear.

Excellent grip on dry and wet roads

The symmetrical non-directional tread pattern of this tire is distinguished by its high performance on both dry and wet roads. The reduced number of individual tread elements of the Hankook TH22 allowed them to be increased in size, which led to a proportional increase in the contact patch area. At the same time, the almost flat profile of the tread provided it with an almost rectangular shape. As a result, the tire exhibits an excellent dry grip.

As for the grip properties on a wet road, they are provided mainly by the operation of the drainage system, which consists of four very voluminous longitudinal grooves. As an additional measure, South Korean tire manufacturers offer a variety of wave-shaped sipes located on the surface of two of the three longitudinal ribs located in the center of the tread. In the process of movement, these sipes, opening up, form many additional transverse edges, which noticeably shorten the braking distance on wet asphalt.

Main features of the Hankook TH22 tire

- the single tire was specially designed for trailers and semi-trailers;

- very low rolling resistance due to the tread pattern with a minimum number of individual elements and grip edges;

- excellent directional stability at high speed is provided by five rigid longitudinal ribs;

- long service life due to a special rubber compound, a reinforced frame, and optimal distribution of external pressure over the contact patch;

- excellent grip on dry and wet roads due to the large contact patch size, numerous sipes, and a highly efficient drainage system that can instantly drain large amounts of water out of the tread.

Advantages of using Hankuk TX 22 rubber:

Increased lifting capacity. Reinforced tread design allows a 10% increase in the maximum load capacity index compared to the previous generation models.

Synergistic effect. The combination of two Hankook TH22 tires on the rear axles of trailers and semi-trailers increases their total load capacity index by 12.5% more than the total index of tires installed separately.

Resistance to deformation. Reinforced tread design prevents deformation due to long-distance transport of the maximum allowable load.

Fuel economy. The smooth tread surface has reduced rolling resistance, which allows the engine to improve fuel economy and improve overall freight efficiency.

Improved maneuverability. The smooth shoulder surface of the Hankook TH22 reduced the turning radius of the trailer and prevented premature wear on these tread areas.

Increased grip on wet asphalt. The powerful drainage system of the Hankuk TX22 tire promptly removes excess water from under the contact patch, preventing the tread from sliding on wet asphalt when the road train makes high-speed maneuvers and turns.

Increased protection against mechanical damage. The increased depth of the tread pattern and its two-layer design reliably protect it from mechanical damage and punctures, including at maximum load.

Tire Info

  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • Trailer
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Low Profile
  • Regional Service
  • Symmetrical
  • Trailer Position

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