Hankook SmartFlex TH31

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Hankook SmartFlex TH31 is an all-season truck tire for trailers and semi-trailers, that is, mounted on a free-rolling axle. There are not many requirements for trailed tires, endurance, carrying capacity, and ease of rolling are important for them. If you have these characteristics, you can no longer be afraid to pick up and buy this model.

Advantages of Hankook SmartFlex TH31 trailed rubber

All-season truck tires Hankook SmartFlex TN31 are characterized by excellent wear resistance, long service life, increased by 40% due to the possibility of recovery. In addition, the rubber demonstrates a consistently powerful grip on any road, even under unfavorable climatic conditions. Low rolling resistance resulted in 13% fuel savings, which in turn led to a 9% reduction in harmful emissions into the atmosphere. If you choose and buy these tires, you can not only save money but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

By effectively preventing the effects of aquaplaning and slush planing, the wide and deep circumferential grooves ensure that this truck tire has reliable contact with the wet and snowy road, explains the Shina.Guide technician. Tapered tread blocks help avoid tearing, and the Hankook TH31's ultra-wide shoulder zones improve lateral grip and help reduce uneven tread wear.

The Hankook SmartFlex TH31 all-season truck tire was created to complement the existing range of smart tires with unrivaled adaptive capabilities - the AH31 steering and the leading DH31. In tandem, the rubber will allow for safe regional and long-distance transportation at the highest level of safety and comfort. The abbreviation M + S on Hankuk SmartFlex TN31 tires testifies to the unique abilities on wet, snowy, and icy roads. Having picked up and bought this rubber, you will provide yourself with unique automobile “shoes” for several seasons.

The main advantages of the Hankook SmartFlex TH31 all-season trailed tire:

  • Resistant to wear, deformation and damage;
  • Protection against aquaplaning, slashing, and drifts;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Excellent speed capabilities;
  • Working resource reserve for many seasons;
  • Traction and coupling indicators increased by 11%;
  • Braking distance shortened by 8%;
  • Affordable price.

The structure of the tire Hankook SmartFlex TN31

The tread of the all-weather truck tire Hankook SmartFlex TN31 has a symmetrical arrangement of elements with a standard five-ribbed structure. The design of the rubber, although pronounced, but with a minimum number of toe formations. The central stiffening rib of the Hankook SmartFlex TH31 tire is made up of complex blocks. The other two ribs of the treadmill of the tire are formed by X-shaped blocks with numerous corners, which serve as lugs that provide excellent grip on the road surface. The beveled edges of the blocks provide protection of the rubber from damage, and the ultra-wide shoulder zones improve the quality of lateral grip. The shoulders of the all-season truck tire Hankook SmartFlex TN31 are extremely smooth, which allows them to adhere to the roadway as much as possible and guarantees uniform wear of the tread components. The sides have additional layers that protect the rubber from punctures, cuts, bumps, and deformation.

Four zigzag circular channels and multi-stage transverse grooves easily cope with the drainage of liquid and snow slush, eliminating the risk of a breakdown in hydroplaning, sliding, drifts.

The rubber compound contains a large amount of silica, polymers, additives, elastomers, which endow the Hankook SmartFlex TH31 tires with the necessary balance of performance. Rubber quickly adapts to road and weather conditions, creating all conditions for comfortable and safe movement with and without a load. Finding and buying tires like Hankuk SmartFlex TN31 is the dream of every truck owner.

Four wide longitudinal zigzag grooves

  • Provides efficient drainage and self-cleaning

Variable slope grooves

  • Prevents stones from getting stuck and tire damage

Increased treadmill width

  • Improves directional stability and uneven wear

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