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The General Tire Reliatrek is an all-season touring tire specially made for American Toyota dealers. Therefore, if you have a passenger car of this brand, this rubber is just what you need! The Reliatrek tire range combines qualities such as increased comfort, optimum handling in virtually all weather conditions, and extended service life.

About the manufacturer

General Tire is America's largest and oldest pneumatic tire manufacturer. The company was founded back in 1915. Since then and to this day, the company has not only produced millions of car rubber kits but also patented dozens of technologies designed to make tires better. Today, the General Tire trademark belongs to the German concern Continental AG.

About tires

The North American continent has long been the main consumer of Toyota vehicles. Toyota representatives in the USA ordered a batch of special tires in order to improve the driving performance of the vehicles sold. According to the terms of the order, these tires had to take into account the peculiarities of Toyota cars as much as possible. The execution of the order was entrusted to General Tire and this company took this project with the utmost seriousness.

Reliatrek tires have undergone extensive testing in a wide variety of climatic zones. As a result, the series included all-season tires that drove equally well in dry weather, rain, and snow. However, the maximum potential of these tires was revealed with Toyota vehicles.

About technologies

Reliatrek tires, like all modern General Tire products, are high-tech products. The advantages of this rubber are provided by the following technologies:

  • Comfort Balance Technology - the casing of the tire is equipped with a special layer of shock absorption, which improves ride comfort.
  • Replacement Tire Monitor Technology - the tire is equipped with a wear indicator. As the indicator wears off, it becomes clear to the driver when a tire needs to be replaced.
  • Wheel Unbalance Indicator - the tire is equipped with special markers that are erased with use. By how evenly they wear off, you can decide how balanced the wheels are.

About production materials

When it comes to the benefits of automotive rubber, materials are just as important as the technology itself. Only high-quality, high-density rubber is used in the manufacture of tires. To provide tires with optimal technical characteristics, silica and polymer inclusions are added to the rubber composition.

The presence of such inclusions, on the one hand, increases the friction of the tire against the surface of the pavement and, thus, shortens the braking distance. On the other hand, the wear resistance of the tires increases. For example, for the entire Reliatrek model line, the manufacturer gives a guarantee equal to 120,000 km (74,500 miles)!

About tire construction

Reliatrek tires have a special patented design. The central rib is stiffer than the sidewalls. As a result, the contact patch with the road surface remains consistently large, regardless of speed. This design feature ensures the durability of the rubber combined with uniform wear.

Another design feature of the Reliatrek tires is the perimeter cushioning of the center rib. The pillow is a small thickening that, on the one hand, provides additional vibration absorption, and on the other hand, acts as an anti-puncture layer.

About protector

The tread pattern consists of diagonally directed grooves. Their depth and location are selected in such a way as to ensure:

  • Effective drainage of water from the contact patch of the tire with the road surface.
  • Acceptable grip of the tire and road surface and, as a result, start without slipping and quick braking.
  • Self-cleaning from dirt - dirt should be knocked out of the tread by itself due to centrifugal force.

Standard sizes

Reliatrek tires are available in a wide range of sizes:

185 / 60R15 - 275 / 65R18

Obviously, you won't have a problem with the choice of these tires, and you can certainly buy the right one for your Toyota car. As you may have noticed, the listed standard sizes correspond to the sizes of tires of passenger vehicles, from sports coupes to passenger vans.


Reliatrek tires are characterized by a number of advantages that are standard for this brand's products.

  • Quicker start without slipping. This advantage is provided by the high friction of the tire and road surface. In turn, friction is achieved due to the tread pattern, as well as due to the rubber composition.
  • Shortened braking distance. Like a no-slip start, good braking is provided by improved friction against the road surface.
  • High directional stability of tires. Due to its specific design, the tire provides good handling both on the straight line and when cornering.
  • Excellent handling, regardless of climatic conditions. These are truly all-season tires that are suitable for both dry and wet weather.
  • Acoustic comfort due to less noise. The tire makes less noise and vibrations, and this is very important when traveling long distances.
  • Long-term tire life. Due to the special rubber composition, as well as due to the flat contour, the tires provide uniform tread wear and long service life.
  • Simplicity of operation. Thanks to the presence of special indicators, it is possible to determine in a timely manner how much the treads are worn out, and subsequently to make the right decision about replacing tires on time.
  • Less risk of breakdown. Along the entire perimeter of the central rib, there is an additional layer - a pillow. This layer is used to absorb vibrations but also minimizes the risk of punctures.
  • High-speed characteristics. Due to their design features, Reliatrek tires can operate at speeds up to 170 m/hr.
  • Optimal combination of price and quality. If you have a Toyota, then most likely the tires originally designed for this car are the best option for it. And this is combined with an affordable price.


As you know, nothing is perfect, and therefore, along with the advantages, there must be disadvantages, right? But there are no shortcomings as such. It’s just the fact that outside of the United States, finding these tires is problematic. Otherwise, this is the ideal rubber, provided that you have a Toyota car.


Reliatrek tires are not popular outside of the United States. However, within the country, most modern Toyota car buyers use these tires. Reliatrek is a really high-quality rubber that can be purchased at affordable prices. Again, let's not forget that this is exactly the kind of rubber that is specially designed for Toyota vehicles. And hardly any other tires can provide you with the same driving quality and the same comfort in the car.

Verdict - we recommend Reliatrek to purchase, provided that you have a Toyota passenger car and provided that you can find this rubber in one of the dealerships.

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