Firestone Winterforce CV

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  • Commercial Light Truck/Van
  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Winter
  • Directional
  • High Performance (HP)
  • Radial
  • Symmetrical

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Winterforce CV

The availability of high-performance commercial vehicles is a fundamental condition for effective business development. Therefore, in order for commercial vehicles to be efficient and operate without unplanned downtime, special tires are required.

The best commercial vehicle tires are considered to be all-season. Well, supposedly with them, the car owner will not have to frequent the tire service and therefore it will be possible to save money. In fact, this is not the case, since no all-season tire on snow and ice will provide the handling that a winter tire does. Therefore, if high-quality and relatively inexpensive tires are needed for commercial vehicles for the winter, we recommend you pay attention to Winterforce CV. And to make it easier to decide on a purchase, we offer this small review.

What is Winterforce CV

Winterforce CV is a winter tire specially designed for commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks, car dealerships, and similar vehicles. The peculiarity of these tires, first of all, is that they were created taking into account long-term operation in urban areas. This means that the tires must withstand repeated braking and speed gains, which is typical for stops at traffic lights or for moving in sluggish traffic jams.

And, of course, in the design and manufacture of these tires, everything possible was done in order to ensure acceptable handling, both for empty and loaded vehicles in the cold season. These tires are winter tires and, as a result, they must provide good driving characteristics on snow and ice. And these tires do provide such driving performance.


Winterforce CV is a radial, symmetrical, non-studded tire with a pronounced tread pattern. The tread is represented by a system of transverse, longitudinal, and diagonal grooves with the same section. In addition to grooves, there are 3D sipes on the tread blocks, on which traction to the surface largely depends. The maximum tread depth is 14mm, which is comparable to most off-road tires.

The groove system, in turn, serves to drain water from the contact patch of the tire with the road surface. This is an important point since these tires are used for their intended purpose, not only in severely cold weather but also in thaws when there is a lot of water on the roads. The timely and efficient drainage of water from the tire-road contact patch prevents the effect of aquaplaning, which makes the use of commercial vehicles more efficient.

Like any commercial vehicle tire, the Winterforce CV is subject to significant stress. For example, when hitting curbs, speed bumps, and other obstacles hidden under the snow, tires undergo intense shock. To prevent premature tire failure, the internal structure of the Winterforce CV is constructed using a polyester casing reinforced with twin steel belts. Again, the sidewalls of the tires are reinforced with metal inserts, since they are primarily subjected to mechanical stress.

The presence of steel belts running along the central rib ensures uniform tire adhesion to the road surface throughout the entire contact area. This not only contributes to improved handling, but also more gentle tread wear.

For better cross-country ability of the tire on snow, the tread grooves on the sidewalls form additional lugs. Beveled grooves bite into loose or rolled snow, and this eliminates the likelihood of an uncontrollable skid when cornering.

The Winterforce CV is a winter tire designed for both snow and ice riding. This is confirmed by the 3PMSF certification. This is evidenced by the symbol - a snowflake against the background of three mountain peaks on the sidewall of the tires. All tires complying with this standard can operate in temperatures down to -58 F and still provide acceptable handling.

Design features

Like all Firestone winter tires, the Winterforce CV is a technological and structurally challenging product. Technologies are applied in both construction and production materials. As far as production materials are concerned, they deserve a special mention. As already mentioned, the tires are not studded, however, they provide acceptable handling. This is ensured by the special composition of the upper tread layer.

It contains synthetic rubber and silicon dioxide. In this case, silicon dioxide provides the elasticity of winter rubber, which remains stable even at low temperatures. In addition to rubber and silicon dioxide, these tires contain at least 20 ingredients, each of which has a specific function. For example, certain ingredients make this rubber layer porous. As a result, when the tread surface naturally wears away, the pores open and a rough surface is formed, thereby increasing friction over the entire area of ​​the tire-road contact patch. Thanks to this technology as the tire wears down, the handling does not deteriorate.

As already mentioned, the center rib of the tire is reinforced with steel belts. This ensures that the tread adheres evenly over the entire area of ​​the tire-to-road contact patch. Thanks to the uniform fit, the tread wears out evenly and as a result, the tire lasts longer.

Reasons to Buy Winterforce CV

So, you have a commercial vehicle and you need tires for the winter. What reasons would make you buy Winterforce CV? There are reasons among them:

  • The durability of operation. Thanks to the technologies applied in the development and manufacture, Winterforce CV is used one and a half times longer than winter tires from other manufacturers. These tires are stronger, more reliable, and therefore predictably more durable. This is perhaps one of the most important benefits when it comes to commercial vehicle tires.
  • The versatility of operation. Winterforce CVs can be used throughout the winter season on a variety of road surfaces. They ride equally well on slush, on loose snow, on rolled snow, and ice. Although a small correction - on ice and rolled snow, these tires ride even better than on other surfaces.
  • Fuel economy. Like all modern Firestone tires, the Winterforce CV is well balanced. Therefore, they have less rolling resistance and fuel is consumed 10-15% more economically.
  • Low noise level and smooth running. Winterforce CV is a soft tire and it stays that way even at low temperatures. Therefore, these tires dissipate the vibrations that are transmitted to them from the road surface. Accordingly, much less noise penetrates the interior, and this already guarantees driving comfort.
  • Acceptable cost. These tires are inexpensive anyway when compared to other popular winter tires for commercial vehicles. And this is perhaps one of the most important reasons to buy these tires. These are practical tires, isn't that what you wanted them to be?

Dimensions and other characteristics

Winterforce CV tires are available in the following sizes:

  • Internal landing diameter - 15, 16, 17 "
  • Tire outer diameter - 25, 27, 28 "

Tread heights - 12, 13, and 14 mm.

Speed ​​index - R.

Load index - C, E, D (depending on size).

Who are these tires for?

As already mentioned, Winterforce CV is the best option for commercial vehicles. That is, these tires are the ideal solution for distribution trucks and similar vehicles. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from using these tires on any other vehicle where these tires fit in size.

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