Firestone Transforce CV

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  • Commercial Light Truck/Van
  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • All-Season (A/S)

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Transforce CV

Are you a commercial vehicle owner looking for quality, durable, and relatively inexpensive tires? In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Firestone product range. And especially we advise you to pay attention to Transforce CV tires. Why this particular tire model? There are many reasons for this choice, and we will talk about them further.

General information

Transforce CV is a tubeless tire specially designed for commercial vehicles of predominantly European assembly (in the index letter C). The tires are suitable for use on delivery trucks, regional haul trucks, buses, and other multipurpose vehicles.

The versatility of use is because these tires are well controlled and, at the same time, are designed for considerable weight loads. Among the main distinguishing features of tires, the manufacturer notes optimal driving performance, regardless of weather conditions, long service life, and adequate cost. The tires exhibit a high level of grip and good self-cleaning ability of the tread. Moreover, those who used them note the softness of the stroke, regardless of the pumped pressure. Again, all buyers talk about a low level of vibration, wear uniformity, strength, and a low probability of cuts and punctures.

The tread grooves on the Transforce CV tires are positioned in such a way that water is efficiently drained from under the wheels, and the car maintains optimal road holding on wet roads. Product size, design, and performance markings are located on the sidewall of the tires, next to the brand logo.

Transforce CV Roster

To provide Transforce CV tires with acceptable performance, Firestone uses a rubber compound with more than 20 ingredients. This compound includes natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, silicon dioxide or silica, sulfur, natural oils, resins, abrasive fillers, etc. The multi-compound rubber is both abrasion resistant and provides sufficient traction.

Transforce CV design

Transforce CV are non-directional radial tires in which the cords in the carcass do not intersect like bias tires, but are arranged radially from bead to bead. These tires are available in tubeless design.

The breaker in the construction of these tires takes up most of the load that the carcass is bearing. The breakers in these tires are made of 3 layers of steel cord. The advantages of steel cords are high reinforcing strength, low coefficient of elongation, high resistance to heat aging, and high thermal conductivity.

To ensure acceptable tightness of the tire in the absence of a chamber, an internal airtight layer is applied in the structure, superimposed on the first layer of the frame.

Transforce CV tires are non-directional, which means it doesn't matter which side you install them on the vehicle. In any case, they will provide optimum driving performance.

Transforce CV performance features

Transforce CV is an all-season tire. This feature is due to the use of a special compound when casting the tread. Again, handling in bad weather is provided by a special tread pattern. While most all-season tires exhibit mediocre handling in all weather conditions, these tires work in a completely different way. Transforce CVs ride equally well in summer and off-season. In winter, the tires move well on loose and packed snow. In ice, these tires are still inferior to a studded tire, and therefore, in this case, we recommend using snow chains.

  • They ride well and brake well. Thanks to the materials used and the special tread pattern, Transforce CV tires have a good grip on the road surface. The result is a short braking distance and a slip-free start. This moment is very important when driving in the city when you often have to slow down and accelerate. Again, a slip-free start is essential for predictable driving on snowy and downright slippery roads.
  • They are durable. Transforce CVs are designed for commercial vehicles. Therefore, these tires, first of all, must be practical, and therefore durable. Due to the design features and technologies used in the production, Transforce CV works one and a half times longer than other tires. These tires exhibit increased resistance to abrasion and mechanical deformation. Plus, it's not for nothing that Firestone gives these tires a 90-day warranty! Just imagine, you will have 3 months to understand whether these tires are suitable or not. If during these 3 months you find a factory defect of tires, they can be returned to the manufacturer.
  • They save fuel. The point is that the Transforce CV, as well as all modern tires produced by Firestone, are perfectly balanced are flat and therefore do not create rolling resistance. Less rocking resistance means the engine is running at a lower load. This means less fuel is consumed. Not to be unfounded, we note that the test results showed savings of 10%, 15% for the combined cycle, and 20% for the extra-urban cycle. Perhaps this advantage is one of the most important since we are talking about commercial tires, which are produced primarily for practical use.
  • By the way, as already mentioned, these tires are perfectly balanced. This means that you do not have to spend money on balancing the wheels in the tire service later. The savings are obvious!
  • They hardly make any noise. Did you know that at least 30% of the noise in the cabin is caused by the noise generated by the tires? These seemingly insignificant vibrations propagate through the bodywork and enter the interior. And if the car is used for everyday transportation, this noise causes serious discomfort. Therefore, the Firestone company, when developing and manufacturing modern tires, takes this point into account and makes them the least noisy. Partly, this advantage is provided by the use of a special compound when casting the tread, and partly by the design of the tread itself.

Either way, when you buy these tires, you are guaranteed to be amazed at how quiet they go.

No aquaplaning. Transforce CV is distinguished by its high resistance to aquaplaning. This advantage is due to the high performance of the longitudinal drainage grooves. Moreover, water from the contact patch of the tire with the road is diverted by diagonally located grooves.

A large number of tread blocks forms many sharp edges that effectively cling to uneven road surfaces in all directions. As a result, an excellent grip is ensured, especially on wet surfaces.

Specifications in numbers

Outside diameter - 25.5 inches

Allowable rim width - 6.5 inches

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčindex - T, which does not exceed 100 miles per hour

Load index 102/100

Tread height - 14 mm

  • Tire design - BSW. This means that the tires are produced entirely in black or with white lettering on the sidewalls.

Let's sum up

Transforce CV tires are designed for year-round use in the urban and combined cycles. The tires feature an optimized profile that increases the tread resistance to uneven wear, even under high loads. What's more, the sawtooth sipes improve traction on snow. Deep transverse channels promote intensive water drainage, reducing the likelihood of aquaplaning. We are sure that the listed advantages are enough for you to choose and buy Transforce CV.

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