Firestone Destination AT2

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  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Terrain (A/T)

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Destination AT2

Many motorists around the world have appreciated the benefits of Firestone's Destination AT tires. And in this small review, we present to you a new and improved version of these tires. So, welcome - Firestone Destination AT2. How are these tires different from the previous version? What are their advantages and disadvantages, and what are the reasons for buying these tires? Read the answers to these and other questions below.

About Destination AT2 tires

The Firestone Destination AT2 is an all-season off-road tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, light trucks, and minivans. In fact, these are universal tires for all occasions, the main thing is that they fit in size to the rims on your car. Well, this begs the question, why is the Destination AT2 version better than the AT versions? And is it worth overpaying for the second version if the first one is cheaper?

In fact, there are differences between the first and second versions, and these differences are significant. The peculiarity of the second version is that it makes its way better off-road in winter, it rides more confidently in the snow, and, in addition, the second version of tires is more reliable and durable. It is not for nothing that the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 55 thousand miles of the run. For comparison, the warranty for Destination AT is only 50 thousand. So, Destination AT2 is a tire with improved performance. Let's consider them in more detail.

Who is manufacturing

The Destination AT2 seasonal tires are manufactured by the American company Firestone. The company has been on the market since 1900, and therefore there is more than enough production experience. Since 1988, Firestone has become part of Bridgestone. As a result, modern Firestone tires are American products that have passed Japanese quality control. And this is great since the probability of a factory defect in these tires is almost zero.

How are these tires made?

Destination AT2, like the previous AT version, is a multi-layer structurally complex tire, in which each layer performs a specific function. The most important structural layers of a tire are the tread, carcass, and inner liner.

The tread allows the tires to start and brake, and the tread, and especially its design, determine how the car will be handled. The carcass is a structural layer reinforced with wire weave. The frame is also reinforced with breakers - metal strips that surround the tire. Thanks to the frame, the tire does not deform under the pressure of the air inside. And because of the breakers, the tread surface evenly adheres to the road surface. As a result, the tread wears off evenly and the tire has to be changed much less frequently. The inner latex layer provides additional tightness to the tire, which is very important given the fact that it is tubeless.

For the production of each individual layer, a patented rubber compound is used. For example, over 20 ingredients are used to cast a tread! The competent selection of production materials and professional design of the off-road tire structure has provided a number of advantages.

A few words about technology

The Firestone Destination AT2 uses a lot of technology, as in other modern tires. We will not list all the technologies, we will tell you about the most important ones.

  • Effective shoulder tread pattern - this technology improves off-road handling. The tread effect is especially noticeable when cornering on dirt and gravel roads.
  • Full-depth 3D Siping - This technology provides better traction, predominantly on unpaved and sandy surfaces.
  • Central rib reinforced around the entire perimeter - the technology ensures uniform tread wear and stable tire operation during the entire warranty period.
  • Increased contact patch with water diversion grooves - the technology improves water drainage from the contact patch of the tire with the road, which improves handling and shortens braking distances.

Why are these tires good?

  • They ride well both on asphalt and on rough terrain. Usually, off-road tires are not fast enough and not comfortable enough when driving on asphalt. The Destination AT2 does a great job on a variety of road surfaces and even none at all.
  • Really well managed in different climates. Most all-season tires ride well in either summer or winter. But, if you need to travel both in summer and in winter, we recommend buying Destination AT2. Perhaps this is one of the few all-season tires that can ride confidently even on packed snow!
  • They start quickly and slow down just as quickly. Thanks to the excellent adhesion of the tread to the road, the wheels start off without slipping. Again, these tires have shorter braking distances on tarmac than other mid-range tires.
  • Lasts longer than other off-road tires. Destination AT2s exhibit improved abrasion resistance. What's more, thanks to the reinforcement of the center rib with breakers, the tread is erased evenly. As a result, tires will last longer than other tires without the need for replacement.
  • They are reliable, as they are less afraid of mechanical damage. Destination AT2 tires have a reinforced center rib and sidewalls. Therefore, when hitting various obstacles such as curbs, stones, etc., the tire remains intact without much damage.
  • Less noise when driving on asphalt compared to other off-road tires. Off-road tires are noisy and this is due to the aggressive tread pattern. But Destination AT2s make about the same noise as regular passenger tires, despite the fact that the tread is quite pronounced.
  • They are cheaper than tires with similar performance characteristics. Price is an important consideration if you are planning on buying practical tires. And the fact that the Destination AT2 is relatively inexpensive is another reason for purchasing them.

This is just a shortlist of advantages, and perhaps by purchasing Destination AT2 for your car, you will discover other equally important advantages. By the way, the most surprising thing is that we did not find any shortcomings as such.

Dimensions, design, and other characteristics

The manufacturer has made sure that the Destination AT2 tires can be installed on different cars. For this, different design options, different standard sizes, and different load indices were developed.

In terms of design, the Destination AT2 model lineup features completely black tires, which are purchased mainly for modern cars. And then there are black tires with white lettering on the sidewall. These tires are commonly bought for classic American SUVs. One way or another, the design of both tires is very stylish.

Now, as for the standard sizes, there are a lot of them. For example, the radius of tires in this model range is 15-22 inches. Agree that among such a variety, you can find tires for any car. The situation is similar to the load index - you can choose tires for a light compact crossover and for a heavy pickup.

Who buys

Despite the fact that Firestone Destination AT2 can be purchased in various countries around the world, these tires are still the most popular in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Who buys these tires?

Most shoppers are down-to-earth people who don't agree to overpay for fashion brands or aggressive ads. And of course, such buyers are completely satisfied with their choice. Indeed, in the same USA, you can buy used tires cheaper. Again, let's not forget the really high quality of these tires. This is another benefit that buyers point to in their reviews, besides the price.

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