Dunlop SP31

The all-season tire Dunlop SP 31 is designed for small passenger cars. The model is designed for the countries of Central and Western areas and is characterized by the block design of the tread and the presence of deep sipes on its working surface, the tire provides reliable contact with dry and wet roads. Numerous clutch edges, created by tread blocks in the contact patch, allow you to confidently pick up speed during rapid acceleration and safely brake in dangerous situations.

Asymmetric protector

The balance of technical characteristics of the tire is largely due to the use of a tread with an asymmetric arrangement of elements. Outside shoulder blocks and double longitudinal ribs interact with each other to ensure that the tire responds quickly and accurately to driver input. Separately, the longitudinal rib and shoulder blocks improve directional stability and cornering grip, respectively. In turn, the tread elements on the inner side improve traction and braking properties.

Several types of lamellas

The tire tread contains several types of grooves. H-slots increase contact patches, prevent uneven wear, and provide extra softness on the go. Z-shaped sipes prevent aquaplaning, improve directional stability when driving in a straight line. In turn, the straight grooves increase the efficiency of the tread when braking on slippery surfaces.

Acoustic comfort

The tire was developed using the Multi-Pitch Tread Design technology. Its essence lies in the optimized arrangement of the tread elements, in which the risk of resonance noise is minimal. This has a positive effect on acoustic comfort.

The main features of the Dunlop SP 31 tire

The functional elements of the tread pattern are distributed over three main zones of the tire working surface:

  1. The inner shoulder area consists of diverse macroblocks located at an angle relative to the longitudinal axis. On each of them, 1-2 sipes are cut, due to which the tires have a high grip on wet roads. The transverse drainage channels located between the shoulder blocks provide effective aquadrainage and instantly remove slush from under the wheels of the vehicle.
  2. The central part of the treadmill is represented by two longitudinal ribs, which consist of inclined trapezoidal blocks. Their main functions are to increase directional stability and provide excellent acceleration and braking properties. Also, due to the central ribs, the useful area of the contact spot increases, which has a positive effect on the grip characteristics of the tires.
  3. The outer shoulder rib with a closed design is responsible for the stability of the machine during sharp maneuvers, and also provides high-quality noise reduction. Unlike the inner shoulder area, where only transverse sipes are provided, this part of the tread uses longitudinal-transverse siping.

Wear-resistant rubber compound

Dunlop SP31 tires have a long service life, their actual mileage can be 25-50 thousand mi, depending on engine power, driving style, drive type, etc. Such reliability is due to the optimized composition of the compound, to which special silicon-containing additives are added. Due to a special chemical formula, the rubber becomes more resistant to abrasive wear, so the height of the tread blocks remains within the permissible values even after several seasons of active tire use.

It is the culmination of the latest technology and allows drivers to get the most out of their vehicles, whatever the road conditions. The Dunlop non-studded tire has repeatedly become a hit in winter sales and has achieved owner recognition in a short time. Domestic and foreign automobile publishers appreciate the advantages of the Japanese tire.

Tire Info

  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Asymmetrical

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