Dunlop Direzza ZII

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The new Dunlop Direzza ZII, first unveiled at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, replaces the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec, the new Direzza ZII has a significant tread pattern compared to the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec, improves track grip, and improved handling. The manufacturer guarantees that speed lovers will improve their results with Direzza Z2 tires.

Dunlop has been in the Extreme Performance class for a very long time with their Direzza line, and they keep updating it every year or two to stay ahead of the curve. Compared to the original Dunlop Direzza ZII, this version has become slightly more stable in terms of heat resistance, that is, it allows you to show an excellent time from the very beginning, after which it maintains high adhesion for a long time. Although if you drive on the track quickly and for a long time, the performance will still begin to deteriorate.

The new compound also allowed the tires to maintain a very fast steering response. In our opinion, Dunlop is willing to dive towards the apex. In addition, the tires can suddenly lose grip, and the combination of these qualities makes the behavior of the tires less stable, their main difference is the new compound made using 4D Nano Design technology. According to the developers, the peculiarity of the rubber compound is that the layer in contact with the surface is soft, but the entire tread retains the required rigidity. This shortens the heating time and ensures optimal grip from the very start of the ride, which is important on the race track. The increase in heat generation was ensured by adding carbon black particles to the rubber mixture, as well as optimizing the polymer content. Sumitomo notes that the new tires have generally higher levels of dry grip and allow for improved track times.

The sharpening of Dunlop Direzza under certain operating conditions prompted Sumitomo Rubber Industries' technologists to create a new rubber compound, which was developed taking into account the company's experience gained in motorsport.

It is formulated with a high styrene polymer that accelerates heat build-up, which makes these racing tires reach their operating temperatures faster. Special impurities with long, high molecular weight polymer chains have also been added to improve wear resistance.

The Direzza ZII's 5% increased width of the smooth, continuous center rib helped improve the tire's responsiveness to driver input, and the increased void ratio resulted in improved grip and control.

Optimization of the profile of the Dunlop Direzza ZII tires led to an increase in the contact area and an even distribution of pressure in it during maneuvers, and therefore to more uniform wear and increased mileage. The designers abandoned two longitudinal grooves in the shoulder area, increasing the contact with the road and stability in corners, and also re-developed a system of three different types of undulating grooves for more efficient water drainage.

Reliable grip

The new innovative rubber compound with carbon and silica warms up the tire faster, which significantly improves grip and handling from the first minutes of driving. Also, the use of a new innovative rubber compound in combination with the slots in the blocks of the shoulder area of the tread (brake slots) provides stable braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces. Wide longitudinal and lateral grooves provide effective aquaplaning and wet control characteristics. Wide center and midribs improve straight and steering stability, while the nylon layer and wrap band provide tread rigidity and handling stability at high speeds.

Acoustic comfort

Low noise level is ensured by the use of a 5-step tread (blocks of variable size) and an optimal location of the tread grooves.

Wear resistance

Special cuts on the tread blocks and increased belt rigidity provide better resistance to loads. The uniform distribution of pressure in the contact patch is ensured by the arrangement of the blocks in the shoulder region slightly above the blocks of the central part. The result is increased tire life.

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