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  • Winter
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Cooper Discoverer True North is a frictional winter tire with an asymmetric tread design, designed for use on passenger vehicles in the harshest conditions. They are characterized by the ideal combination of high performance with acoustic and mechanical comfort at low temperatures.

The Cooper Discoverer True North's winter durability comes from the use of proprietary advanced technologies that give the model features unique to the Cooper Discoverer range, says Shina.Guide technician. The 2018 novelty guarantees excellent grip in cold weather conditions, as it uses an anti-freeze elastic rubber compound, which also increases the comfort of movement.

The manufacturer says the Discoverer True North tires have been designed with more than just the needs of car owners in mind. Drivers with extensive experience in driving on winter tracks contributed to their development. Therefore, these tires are as fast as standard touring tires in response to steering turns, which in the unpredictable winter weather conditions will allow drivers to feel very confident and safe.

The model has been certified by the Cooper Weather-Master, which means that the Cooper Discoverer True North offers reliable performance in winter driving conditions while maintaining a calm, comfortable ride and maximum control.

“The Cooper Discoverer True North was not only designed with consumers in mind, but with extensive winter driving experience, professional drivers who provided input and advice throughout the model development process,” says Cooper Tire's director of sales at North America Scott Jamison. "The result is a tire that retains the high steering response rate of a touring tire with reliable winter grip, giving drivers the confidence to drive in any unpredictable winter season."

The new Cooper Discoverer True North is designed to provide confident handling in winter conditions, so far what is known about them is that they are "have" exceptional reliability, are made with the most advanced technologies, and have premium features that are inherent only in the Discoverer family tires, "said in companies. "The tires guarantee increased grip in cold weather, because they are made of a rubber compound that remains flexible at low temperatures, and also provide a comfortable and quiet ride."

According to Scott Jamieson, The Discoverer True North isn't just designed with consumers in mind experienced winter driving drivers were directly involved in the development process by providing feedback." “The results are tires that have the same responsiveness to steering as conventional touring tires, yet can provide the driver with confidence in the most unpredictable winter months,” added Jamieson.

Winter tires are made from a rubber compound that retains its elasticity at low temperatures for optimal grip in cold weather. In addition, the wet handling characteristics have been improved.

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