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The Continental Milestone motorcycle tire is designed for cruising two-wheeled vehicles. At high speed, it is stable regardless of weather conditions, and also has a long service life even under heavy load.

The Continental Milestone CM1 summer tire is an excellent choice for use on heavy motorcycles. It was developed using advanced technologies and modern materials, therefore it has excellent quality and excellent running parameters. This model features an improved drainage system and an optimized frame.

The model is offered in two versions - for the front and rear wheels. The narrower front tire has drain grooves at an acute angle to the direction of travel for directional stability and precise handling. The rear tire has long lateral grooves for high traction efficiency. In both cases, a special rubber compound "2012" with a high content of silicon dioxide in the composition is used. With an optimized tread profile, this guarantees reliable grip, even on wet surfaces.

New drainage system

When creating the tread pattern, a lot of time was spent on the development of a system of drainage channels, which made it possible to obtain excellent grip characteristics on any road surface. The entire surface of the tire is covered with deep channels of various shapes, due to this, excellent stability and handling on a wet road surface are achieved.

To reduce the sound effect, special small notches were used, which also increased traction. The Continental Milestone CM1 tire has a wide profile, providing excellent directional stability and quick steering response.

Optimized wireframe

When creating the frame, new technology and materials of increased strength were used. Due to this, the frame easily withstands maximum loads, preventing possible punctures and damage. Also, the new carcass provided an even distribution of pressure inside the tire, increasing its life and reducing fuel consumption. The central part of the frame has increased rigidity, which has a positive effect on directional stability and control accuracy. Even at high speeds, the tire grips the road well for increased safety.

Main features of the Continental Milestone CM1 tire

- excellent directional stability is provided by a more rigid central part of the frame;

- the minimum effect of aquaplaning is obtained through the use of a new drainage system, consisting of large and small channels of various shapes;

- the minimum percentage of damage and excellent ability to withstand maximum loads are provided by a reinforced frame;

- reduced fuel consumption was achieved due to optimal pressure distribution and maximum adhesion to the road surface;

- increased mileage is provided by a deep tread pattern and special additives in the rubber compound.

- designed for heavy-duty cruising motorcycles;

- two versions - for the front and rear wheels;

- rubber compound based on silica enhances grip on wet surfaces, extends service life;

- Improved grip on wet surfaces due to numerous multidirectional sipes and grooves.

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