Bfgoodrich Sport T/a

High Performance Passenger Car tire.


* Sleek performance styling
* Performance bred with the heart of a touring tire
* PEC-Tech (Pressure Equalising Construction Technology) system
* Contain DuraTech, a special carbon black mixed rubber designed for tropical usage
* High modulus, low shrinkage polyester casing
* Tread pattern design with wide grooves


* Always look like they are ready to race for more fun in your daily drive
* Deliver a comfortable ride and excellent mileage
* Distributes the stress and load evenly throughout the contact patch for improved traction and longer tyre life
* To ensure the rubber doesn't get hard in high humidity and high temperature environments so the tyre will perform every time
* Ensures better tyre uniformity for enhanced handling and a more comfortable ride
* Disperse water quickly to reduce hydroplaning in the wet and unshakable grip in the dry

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